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Generations Tae Kwon Do Belt and Promotional System
​Generations Tae Kwon Do applies a traditional belt ranking system 
YellowGreenBlue, Red and Black

All Color Belts (Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red) are provided the opportunity to test and promote 4 times annually. Testing is by invitation only. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure sufficient training and be able to demonstrate the requisite knowledge and skills appropriate for their rank to be eligible to test.

The journey to Black Belt for students 6 years of age and older is approximately five  (5) years. Students are offered the opportunity to test a total of 4 times at each belt color, earning increased levels of rank within that color. Accordingly, with tests scheduled every three (3) months, a student can expect to wear each belt color for approximately twelve (12) months, prior to the final preparation period.

Testing for black belt is by invitation only. There is a final preparation period between testing for deputy black belt and the black belt test. During this final preparation period, a student is expected to continue his or her personal training and assist in teaching under the supervision of a senior black belt.

Student Expectations

Before a person becomes a student of Tae Kwon Do, they must be willing to abide by the following universal student principles:

To have the intention to develop in a positive manner and avoid anything that harms physical health or reduces mental growth.

To have the intention to develop self-discipline and in doing so to bring out the best in one’s self as well as others.

To have the intention to use what is learned in class constructively and for the purposes of defense. The intention is to help fellow humans, one’s self and never be offensive or abusive.

Generations Tae Kwon Do Expectations

Curriculum and Testing Requirements

Tae Kwon Do training starts out as a very physical process. A student learns new techniques, the basics of blocking, kicking, and punching, and must delve into the rigorous physical workouts. Students will begin the memorization of form movements and will begin to understand one’s body and learning the relationship between the mind and body. All students are taught at their own pace to develop their present capabilities and bring out their maximum potential. During this process, a student will achieve improved endurance, flexibility, and strength.

Each belt level is responsible for knowing and demonstrating improvement in all previous test requirements. Refinement of technique is expected within each gup.

Training Expectations

To ensure a student's development and preparedness for promotion, all color belt students are encouraged to attend a minimum of two regularly scheduled instructional classes each week. Generations Tae Kwon Do understands that schedules and other commitments may impede a student’s ability to make two training sessions consistently, each and every week. Accordingly, as a typical measure of requirement, Generations Tae Kwon Do requires a minimum of 48-72 class hours depending on rank to be eligible for promotion. This requirement can be met at the convenience of the student.